3rd Party Eos Key Generator

Cross-platform multi-language tool to create EOS public/private key pairs offline

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  1. Download for your platform from Github Releases: https://github.com/eoscafe/eos-key/releases
  2. Run on airgapped (ideal) computer or with no internet connection
  3. Generate keys and/or Validate your keys


Extra information

There are only five runtime dependencies in this project:

  1. eosjs-ecc: Official EOS.IO library for generating/validating keys.
  2. vue: Frontend library like React/Angular,
  3. vue-electron: Integrating Vue into Electron,
  4. vue-i18n: Provide efficient internationalization with English, Chinese and Korean
  5. vue-router: Manages which page to load in application

The application is intended to be run offline and will make no external requests. If you see any external requests being made, your machine may be compromised before installation.

Virus Scans:

MacOS Virus Scan (100% safe, 0/57): VirusTotal

Linux Virus Scan (100% safe, 0/58): VirusTotal

Windows Virus Scan (98.3% safe, 1/58): VirusTotalThe false positive is confirmed by MetaDefender Report to be a false positive, the anti-virus flags 'EOS' in file contents and thinks it is a coin miner.

Manual build

3rd Party Eos Key Generator Manual


3rd Party Eos Key Generator Download

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