Aws Grant User Generate Key

Root Access Keys provide unlimited access to your AWS resources. It's not recommended to use them in normal situations. AWS recommends to delete existing Root Access Keys and create IAM user and Access Keys limited to specific service or resource (see below).

To Delete Root Access Keys

Jul 21, 2018  These are simple steps to get an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for AWS account which gives you access to your AWS services. Even though you have a. Authorizing CreateGrant in a key policy. When you create a key policy to control access to the CreateGrant operation, you can use one or more policy conditions to limit the permission. AWS KMS supports all of the following grant-related condition keys.

1. Type in your web browser


2. Click My Account, AWS Management Console

3. Enter your account email address and password:

Enter Account Email

4. Type the IAM in the search box and choose the IAM service from the drop-down list.

Open the IAM Dashboard

You will be redirected to IAM Dashboard

5. Navigate to Security Status and expand the Delete your root access keys section.

6. Click Manage Security Credentials

Click Continue To Security Credentials

7. Click Continue to Security Credentials

Your Security Credentials page will open

Aws Grant User Generate Key File

8. Expand the Access Keys (access key id and secret acces key) section

9. Click the Delete link next to your access keys row.

Aws Grant User Generate Key Generator

Confirm Access Keys Deletion

10. Confirm Access Keys deletion.

11. Your Root Access Keys are deleted. Now you can create IAM user and Access Keys limited to specific service or resource (see below).

Be sure to replace your root access keys with your IAM access keys in any programs/scripts you are currently using.