Generate Ssh Key Rhel 6

SSH is a service which most of system administrators use for remote administration of servers. When you install a fresh system, then at the start of the ssh service, it generates the host keys for your system which later on used for authentication. But if due to some reason you need to generate the host keys, then the process is explained below. Apr 12, 2018 SSH-key-based authentication provides a more secure alternative to password-based authentication. In this tutorial we'll learn how to set up SSH-key-based authentication on a CentOS 7 installation.

KeyWhen I clone an OS image to a new, identical hardware PC I of course need to change the host name in a couple of places on the new machine. I suspect it is also good practice to generate new ssh keys for use by openssh server. I found an article here ... rateNewSsh which outlines the process.
I can generate new dsa, ecdsa and rsa keys using the commands in the article. However, I also find an ed25519 key in /etc/ssh. It was dated the same as the other keys - the data I installed the original OS. Employing my usual monkey see monkey copy/paste/tweak approach I tried the commandThe seems to have worked. It generated keypair files, a fingerprint and a randomart image. The -N and -t parameters seem to be correct according to the man page.
Can anyone confirm that I have supplied all of the necessary inputs to create a valid ed2519 key? Or a way I can test the key for validity?

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