Generate Ssl Private Key On Apache

  1. This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to generate a WildCard SSL Certificate Signing Request. For Apache + Mod SSL + OpenSSL. Creation of the Private Key.
  2. First, we need to create a new directory to store our private key (the /etc/ssl/certs directory is already available to hold our certificate file): sudo mkdir /etc/ssl/private Since files kept within this directory must be kept strictly private, we will modify the permissions to make sure only the root user has access: sudo chmod 700 /etc/ssl.

Perhaps the private key is still somewhere in your system - it should be a.key file. Which command did you use to make the CSR? Note that if you don't have the private key anymore then this certificate is useless and you'll need to request a new one. Edit: possible duplicate of Apache - Generate private key from an existing.crt file.

The following instructions will guide you through the CSR generation process on Apache OpenSSL. To learn more about CSRs and the importance of your private key, reference our Overview of Certificate Signing Request article. If you already generated the CSR and received your trusted SSL certificate, reference our SSL Installation Instructions and disregard the steps below.

1. Log In

Log in to your server’s terminal via Secure Shell (SSH).

2. Run CSR Generation Command

Generate a private key and CSR by running the following command:Here is the plain text version to copy and paste into your terminal:

Note: Replace “server” with the domain name you intend to secure.

Generate Ssl Private Key On Apache Server

3. Enter your Information

Enter the following CSR details when prompted:

  1. Common Name: The FQDN (fully-qualified domain name) you want to secure with the certificate such as,, *, etc.
  2. Organization: The full legal name of your organization including the corporate identifier.
  3. Organization Unit (OU): Your department such as ‘Information Technology’ or ‘Website Security.’
  4. City or Locality: The locality or city where your organization is legally incorporated. Do not abbreviate.
  5. State or Province: The state or province where your organization is legally incorporated. Do not abbreviate.
  6. Country: The official two-letter country code (i.e. US, CH) where your organization is legally incorporated.

Note: You are not required to enter a password or passphrase. This optional field is for applying additional security to your key pair.

4. Copy the CSR text from the file

Locate and open the newly created CSR in a text editor such as Notepad and copy all the text including:

Generate Ssl Private Key On Apache

Note 1: Your CSR should be saved in the same user directory that you SSH into unless otherwise specified by you. Note 2: We recommend saving or backing up your newly generate “.key” file as this will be required later during the installation process.

Generate Ssl Private Key On Apache Drive

5. Generate the order

Return to the Generation Form on our website and paste the entire CSR into the blank text box and continue with completing the generation process.

Upon generating your CSR, your order will enter the validation process with the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) and require the certificate requester to complete some form of validation depending on the certificate purchased. For information regarding the different levels of the validation process and how to satisfy the industry requirements, reference our validation articles.

After you complete the validation process and receive the trusted SSL Certificate from the issuing Certificate Authority (CA), proceed with the next step using our SSL Installation Instructions for Apache OpenSSL.

Public Private Key Encryption

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