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Dec 29, 2011  I am giving away my GFWL key because i no longer play any of the games it will work for the following. Halo 2 - works Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights - works, but multiplayer is dead. Free GFWL Key (Works For Multiple Games).

Halo 2 Gfwl Product Key Generator Free Download

  2. ----------------------------------------
  3. To play gfwl games multiplayer online, a product key is required to register
  4. games on your gfwl profile, you have to buy a product key in order to play
  5. online. However Using this method you can play some games for free!
  6. ----------------------------------------
  7. To make it work on your desired game, you firstly have to steal
  8. 'XLiveServices.dll' from 'program files/Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE'
  9. then put it into our keygen folder. Use 'xlive_reg_patch.reg' to update product
  10. Copy any key from the keygen and use it to register your game online.
  11. Q. It's not working with 'X' game '_' ?
  12. At this stage my keygen is beta and i can't test it on every game.
  13. Q. Error 'product key already in use/not for this game' :/ ?
  14. That means none of them will work!
  15. Q. After installing windows every thing is gone! How to fix it X( ?
  16. As it's not permanent now so you have to do the process again
  17. after installing windows.You can also backup xlive profile data from %APPDATA%
  18. Make sure you install at least .net 2.0 to make it work.
  19. NOTE: A single key will only work for 1 user, don't use multiple keys with a single game otherwise Microsoft will kill your account!
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42Un5o14Vw8
  22. Download:
  23. http://bit.ly/ZTpxMH
  24. Like + Comment + Subscribe = i will PM you the direct link!
  25. Post here if you have any problem!
  26. Virus Scan:
  27. https://www.virustotal.com/file/247dd4804734695546885944e6de48253ecf9ab8b5f06243f74fcc85dc
  28. 7140dc/analysis/
  29. Thumbs up and post here if it works for you.
  30. This Video complies with PB TOS.
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Halo 2 Gfwl Product Key Generator Download

  1. ----------------------------
  2. To play Halo 2 multiplayer online, a product key is required to register
  3. games on your gfwl profile, you have to buy a product key in order to play
  4. online. However Using this method you can play Halo 2 multiplayer online for free!
  5. How to make it work?
  6. After installing Halo 2 it asks for GFWL product key, use this keygen
  7. Make sure your GFWL client is updated!
  8. Will it work?
  9. Yes! it's fully working and all the multiplayer modes are playable!
  10. I am getting 'product key used' error?
  11. Don't worry it's normal.
  12. It's very rare even if you're actually using used product key.
  13. ----------------------------
  14. You have to use the product key again re-installing the Windows.
  15. Download:
  16. http://bit.ly/VyAzRW
  17. Virus Scan:
  18. https://www.virustotal.com/file/15015545ce4b1602d403a5017e16cbcef0929ce55d0ef8fd6fa0a1ca49ef1e68/analysis/1357227577/
  19. Post here if you have any problem.
  20. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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