Hash Key Generator Sql Server With Set Output


APPLIES TO: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) Parallel Data Warehouse

Returns the SQL Server password hash of the input value that uses the current version of the password hashing algorithm.

Sql Server Hash Join

If you use a GUID, you'll have to create your own mechanism to capture the last inserted value (i.e. Retrieve the GUID prior to insertion or use the SQL Server 2005 OUTPUT clause). Now that we understand how to auto generate key values and what they look like, let's examine the storage impacts of each approach. Apr 09, 2016 Hash keys replace sequence numbers (generated by the database engine) of the Data Vault 1.0 standard. They support geographically distributed data warehouses, as well as integration with big data environments like Hadoop. A hash key is a hash value of the business key column(s) used in a Hub or Link.

PWDENCRYPT is an older function and might not be supported in a future release of SQL Server. Use HASHBYTES instead. HASHBYTES provides more hashing algorithms.

Hash Key Generator Sql Server With Set Output



Is the password to be encrypted. password is sysname.

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PWDENCRYPT is available to public.

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