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  1. Users who would like to integrate JIRA with their own application or 3rd party application will need to have a valid public key. This page will provide the steps to do this. To generate a key pair execute.
  2. Mar 29, 2012 Jenkins can only be added as a generic application using OAuth for incoming authentication. I have been unable to get Jira to accept a Public Key for the Jenkins app. What little information I've found suggests that the Public Key should be a standard 1024-bit RSA public key generated with sha1.

How to get OAuth token for jira. Or you can generate public key via openssl software. Browse other questions tagged api rest oauth jira or ask your own question.


Python library for Jira OAuth

Project description

Python library for Jira OAuth

RSA private and public key creations

  • Create RSA private key and store it in file oauth.pem
  • Create RSA public key and store it in file oauth.pub
  • Share RSA public key oauth.pub with your Jira Admin, as they need it during Jira Application Link creation.

Jira Application Link Creation Steps

  • Login as a Jira administrator
  • Go to Application links section under Application area
  • Enter dummy url (as oauth token used for API access and not web access) https://jira-oauth1-rest-api-access
  • Click on Create new link button
  • Click Continue on next screen
  • Enter something like Jira OAuth1 REST API access as a Application Name
  • Check Create incomindg link checkbox.
  • Don't need to fill any other information. Click on Continue
  • Now you should able to see new Application link with name Jira OAuth1 REST API access created and available under section Configure Application Links section
  • Click on pencil icon to configure Incoming Authentication
    • Enter jira-oauth1-rest-api-access (or any other appropriate string) as Consumer key
    • Enter same string jira-oauth1-rest-api-access (or any other appropriate string) as Consumer Name
    • Enter content of RSA public key (stored in file oauth.pub) as public key
    • Click on Save

Prepare for OAuth Dance

Create starter_oauth.config in ~/.oauthconfig folder:

Perform Jira OAuth Dance

Jira Oauth Generate Public Keys

  • Python Virtual Environment that we create earlier is active.
  • Run jira-oauth.
  • Authenticate in browser as directed below.
  • After successful OAuth generation, you will get another set of values for oauth_token and oauth_token_secret. These are you tokens that you need to use access Jira without passing credentials.


Api keys vs oauth

Thank you, Raju Kadam, for implementing https://github.com/rkadam/jira-oauth-generator

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