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Currently, the Manage Engine Service Desk Plus Rest API is xml based.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a help desk software and asset management tool for small, mid-size & large enterprises to manage and troubleshoot IT requests. ServiceDesk Plus integrates help desk requests and assets to allow users to manage their IT in an effective way. The first step to configure and use KMP APIs is generating the API key from the KMP user interface. Only administrator users can generate the API keys. The API keys serve as the auth token for your access purposes. The API keys are tied to the host in which they are created.

This python module eases the interaction with the API by translating the xml into a more pythonic structure.



Required Modules

  • requests
  • xmltodict

The main class 'API' is used with your manage engine API key to access the common commands. The API key can be obtained via the sdplus section: Admin, Assignees, Edit Assignee (other than yourself), Generate API Key.Recommended: Setup your API key as a windows environment variable (e.g. SDPLUS_API_KEY).All interactions with the API require a 'base' url - the url of how you usually access Service Desk Plus, with '/sdpapi/request/' appended at the end.

For example, to view a request, and return a list of dictionary items:

Most code you will write using this module will be similar to the above.E.g. to edit a request and change the subject line:

Api Key Google Maps

Manage engine generate api key for technician jobs

Manage Engine Generate Api Key For Technician Job

However, sometimes the xml returned is not standard to the common return structure from Manage Engine. In these cases, you can bypass this module's internal processing with the following 'bypass=True' parameter: