Qlik Rest Connector Key Generation Strategy

Aliases are used as field names in the Qlik Sense and QlikView tables. For the XML response type, the connector adds a subselect without fields for descendant nodes, even if they are not selected in the select dialog. This is required to calculate key values for the Key generation strategy when Current record or Full qualified record is selected. To access the MDI REST endpoint, use the Qlik REST Connector and follow the directions below to configure a connection and identify a MasterLibrarySource application. ### Creating the MDI REST Connection in the Data Load Editor: 1. Click on New Connection and choose Qlik REST Connector.

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// Twitter account detail

/* Version 1.0A Qlik Sense app that is using Qlik REST Connector to load data from Twitter. Is has some limitation of rows loaded from Twitter.

To use this app in Qlik Sense you need to:


  1. Download Qlik REST API Connector http://market.qlik.com/rest-connector.html

  2. Download extension WordCloud https://github.com/cleveranjos/br.com.clever.wordcloud/ or https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-7794


Qlik Rest Connector Key Generation Strategy 2017

  1. Have or Create an Account on Twitter (for authentication)


  1. Go to https://apigee.com/console/twitter

  2. Choose service https://api.twitter.com/1.1

  3. Choose authentication OAuth 1 and give access/autorize app to your twitter account

  4. In left menu 'Select an API method' select Timelines - user_timeline

  5. Then in Query fill in the User ID - you can find User ID on http://gettwitterid.com/ by typing twitter username (screen name)

  6. Fill in screen_name (username for twitter)

  7. Fill in Since ID - the max date from which will be loaded data in some interval to history

  8. Click on send button

  9. The data for REST connector will appear in the Request URL and on the left side in Request

  10. Dont close the website, you will need it for next steps.

Now you have all information needed for Qlik Rest Connector, to create new Qlik Sense connection you need to:

  1. Open data load editor and in the right corner click create new connection

  2. Choose Qlik REST Connector and name the connection to Twitter

  3. URL - copy the 'Request URL' from Apigee website

  4. Timeout - 30

  5. Check autodetect response type and Key generation stragegy - Sequence ID

  6. Windows anthentication - NO

  7. Your twitter mail and password

  8. Use certificatie - NO

  9. Pagination type - NO

  10. In query headers create 3 rows:a. Authorizationb. Hostc. X-Target-URI

  11. Copy the information from Apigee (you can find it by clicking on Send button in apigee and after the server response,they will appear on the left side in Request.

  12. Test conection

  13. In the sheet Twitter_user you have load script

  14. Now you can Load data or preview the data.

  15. ThatB4s all!

Qlik Rest Connector Key Generation Strategy Pdf


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